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Award-winning learning applications that help children aged 6+ master fundamental skills in math, writing and spelling

Constructor for Schools: Helping everyone acquire basic math skills and learn to write correctly at their pace and at their level!

Evidence-based, neuroscientific learning tools to increase student success and reduce educator workload in inclusive educational settings – effective also for learners with difficulties.

All Constructor programs ensure
- Independent and autonomous training for learners
- Automatically individualized learning paths for each learner
- Overview of learner's progress at any time for the educators
- Joy of achievement after a short while and thanks to an exciting reward system
- Relief for the teacher due to less preparation and less correction
Calcularis (Mathematics)
- Motivating tool to help everyone individually improve their basic math skills
- Usage from KG to 4th grade; learners with dyscalculia who need to automate the basics can use it until 14 or 15 years old
- Stimulates the different areas of the brain responsible for number sense and solving arithmetical tasks
- Adequate training for every learner – from struggling to gifted
Grafari (Writing/Spelling)
- Single concept in the teaching of spelling from preschool to secondary level
- Allows learners to acquire writing and spelling correctly without stress and at individual speed
- Multisensory cues supporting the learner
- Sequential exercises that meet all learners’ needs at their pace.
Individual learning paths
The curriculum distinguishes between: Predecessor skills (yellow), basic skills (blue) and advanced skills (green). With the help of AI technologies, each learner is automatically guided through the acquisition of the skills according to its needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Educators do not need to prepare, adapt, or correct the learning. Yet Constructor's coaching tools provide comprehensive supervision of each learner or of entire classes at the touch of a button.
An average learning path
A learning path for a learner who needs to practice predecessor skills
A learning path for a fast learner
Neuroscience-based methodology
Constructor for School's novel methodologies are based on neuroscience. They help the brain to automate learning through colors, shapes, textures, sounds and animations. Internationally published studies have proven their effectiveness. Calcularis was the first math training application in the world to demonstrate neurological changes in fMRI studies.
Scientific studies prove
- Over 30% improvement in spelling
- 30-45% more correctly solved math problems
- Significant reduction in math anxiety
- In only 12 weeks with 3 training sessions of 20 minutes per week
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