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Combining the power of two great educational assets for free

Free Think Cell for all Students, Faculty and Staff – Value USD 200 per Licence – free (no hidden cost

Free ACADCloud provisioning platform (User Self Service) – est in Class provisioning platform for free

Free Think-Cell Student License

Transform data into compelling stories with Think-Cell, the quickest way to craft stunning charts that enhance your presentations and drive business progress—during your studies and beyond. Typically valued at CHF 250 annually, we are offering Think-Cell at no cost to all Brazilian universities.

think-cell is now available for students, professors, and university staff; free of charge

Free SoftwareONE ACADCloud

SoftwareONE ACAD Cloud is the premier global platform for provisioning software, cloud services, and additional resources directly to faculty, staff, and students. From the start, it seamlessly integrates with over 200 software, cloud, and AI vendors, providing universities with a self-service SaaS platform to easily distribute Think-Cell to students, faculty, and staff.

Two Ways to Participate in This Program

Request a Demo and More Information: Reach out to us for a demonstration of the Platform and Think-Cell technology.

Request a Setup: Contact us, and we will set up the program for you.

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Information about think-cell
Presentations done right
In a world with lots of data and shrinking attention spans, telling compelling stories with data has become crucial for driving results.
At think-cell, we firmly believe that data storytelling is the essential skill that equips students and young professionals to thrive in the future job market. think-cell is the world’s leading Microsoft 365 PowerPoint plug-in that unlocks the power of an inspiring presentation whilst enables users to save up to 70% working time.
Relied on by over a million professionals, think-cell has been helping businesses move forward for over 20 years.
SoftwareOne can deliver think-cell to universities, researchers, and research networks in over 90 countries worldwide, for free.
PowerPoint, done right
Students spend 70% less time on PowerPoint
Unlocking skills to tell convincing stories with data
Taught at 9 out of 10 top business schools
Access software relied on at more than 250 schools worldwide
think-cell is taught at the leading business schools, such Harvard Business School & INSEAD
Coverage in all disciplines including engineering, data science and computer science
Students become more employable
Help students land their dream job by acquiring critical data skills & boosting their CV
LinkedIn accredited certification service for student users
Taught at the world’s leading universities
Discover why what’s in for students, professors and staff
think-cell enables over 25,000 Students and teaching staff globally to build professional level decks for their studies and beyond.
Create better slides, 70% faster
Land your dream job by acquiring critical data skills & boosting your CV
Land your dream job by acquiring critical data skills & boosting your CV
Teach critical skills of data visualization and storytelling
Easily integrate into your curriculum with our learning resources
Save time creating charts for presentations in PowerPoint
Automate your regular reports
Visualize data easily to turn data into results
think-cell is trusted by 25,000 companies every day
Relied on by 1m+ professionals the world over, think-cell builds in-demand skills for students to enable career prospects.
Whether students are doing group work, are presenting at an internship, or giving their first ever pitch, think-cell will help land them land their message. think-cell helps by turning data into stories: people buy stories, not data.
As the leading add-in for PowerPoint used by the world’s leading to professional services firms, think-cell is relied on by employees at the likes of BCG and EY to make sure that every presentation lands its message.
Why users love think-cell
think-cell is the #1 PowerPoint add-in to enable students to tell better stories with data.
Easy to use UI
Natively integrated into Microsoft 365
No need to worry about training
Intuitive UI making charting easy to master
No tweaking, everything just looks right
Maximum productivity
Save 70% of time writing slides
Well-laid-out and great-looking slides in minutes
Achieve beautiful results with minimal effort
Quickly apply alterations to charts with ease
Fully compatible
Full compatibility with Mac OS and Windows
Fully shareable content with non-think-cell users
Full access to think-cell support resources

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Information about AcadCloud
Empowering Educational Institutions with AcadCloud
Unlock the full potential of software and cloud services management with AcadCloud, a comprehensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed exclusively for schools and universities. AcadCloud goes beyond conventional solutions, offering a secure and user-friendly environment for administrators, faculty, and students.
Our mission
Make technology more accessible to students and faculty from schools, colleges, and universities by providing a connection between vendors' special offers and end-users via the AcadCloud shop
Learn more
Active in more than 20 countries, available in 9 languages, and processing payments in local currency.
Our experienced support team is ready to assist with any specific challenges users may face.
Access a comprehensive Help-center page with FAQs and how-to videos.
AcadCloud ensures data safety and GDPR compliance, with clear consent requests and accessible data browsing. Our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure is based on Microsoft’s Azure.
Choose from multiple forms of user authentication, including Username & password, ISIC card, and Single Sign-On (Entra ID, Saml, LDAP).
We value intellectual property, ensuring vendors' policies are followed, and allowing customization to narrow the audience of each product.
AcadCloud is inclusive, with built-in integration with the Eye-Able plugin, providing options for people with vision problems.c
Utilize services of reputed payment providers, ensuring secure transactions. Custom integration are welcomed as AcadCloud is a Platform as a Service.
Software Locker
Each user has a digital locker with details about purchased items, subscription information, quick links to external sites, software downloads, product keys, and connected order details and receipts.
Various licensing models, AcadCloud’s inventory (license key), External inventory and subscription accounts.
Receive timely notifications when the expiration date of the license is near.
Enhance Your Productivity with AcadCloud + think-cell Integration
Unlock the full potential of think-cell by seamlessly integrating it with AcadCloud, our world-class provisioning platform tailored for educational institutions. This powerful combination empowers students, faculty members, and administrators to streamline the licensing process and optimize the usage of think-cell.
Integration Features
Think-cell License Provisioning AcadCloud provides students and faculty members with the ability to effortlessly acquire think-cell licenses, a $200 value, enabling them to enhance their presentations with this industry-leading software.
Secure Plugin Downloads Users can safely download the think-cell plugin directly through AcadCloud, ensuring a smooth and secure experience.
Administrator Oversight Administrators gain a comprehensive view of think-cell license usage and receive detailed reports through AcadCloud, facilitating efficient management.
Use case
Empower Users with think-cell Enable students and faculty members to access think-cell licenses seamlessly through AcadCloud, enhancing their presentation capabilities.
Implementation Process
Onboarding Assistance AcadCloud guides you through the simple onboarding process to seamlessly integrate think-cell into your institution's digital ecosystem.
Hands-off License Provisioning Enjoy a hands-off approach to license provisioning, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring a smooth experience for end-users.
World-Class Provisioning Platform Leveraging AcadCloud's robust infrastructure, institutions benefit from a world-class provisioning platform designed for efficiency and security.
Free Product Provisioning AcadCloud enables the provision of think-cell licenses at no cost, allowing institutions to maximize the value of this powerful $200 tool within budget constraints.
Enhanced Eligibility Verification AcadCloud enhances the eligibility verification process, ensuring that think-cell licenses are distributed to eligible users seamlessl

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