Secure, AI-powered exam platform

Dugga, the world leading digital exam platform, revolutionizes the entire assessment cycle, providing a seamless end-to-end solution for K-12 schools and universities for both formative and summative assessment.

Maximize exam efficiency
Ensure maximum exam security
Prevent cheating and safeguard data privacy with full lockdowns and live / AI algorithm proctoring.
Improve assessment efficiency
Save time (98% on average) and improve knowledge retention (75% on average).
Guarantee a successful adoption
Seamlessly integrate the Dugga platform with your LMS via flexible, customizable tools.
Carefully selected functionalities to increase quality in learning
With a deep understanding of educational needs and a commitment to excellence, Dugga incorporates innovative features that maximize efficiency while reducing complexity in assessment.
Auto-generate exam questions
Choose from many different questions types including auto-correct question types for fast assessment
Built-in accessibility tools
Accommodate learners from all kinds of backgrounds, with anonymous correction and accessibility functions.
Enterprise security
Assess knowledge in a flexible, customizable, and secure way with Dugga's pedagogical platform.
High security lock-down
Enable 3 + 1 security modes: Open Mode, Xit Check, Locked Mode + Possibility with Live/AI Algorithm Proctoring Solution for remote, high-stakes exams.
Remote & automated proctoring
Administer exams virtually or in-person with AI assistance. Auto-generate high-quality, diverse, and engaging questions in one click.
Seamless LMS integration
Create and perform all types of tests, assignments, and exams all in one place. Readily integrate with any LMS you already use.
AI Exam Engine
Auto-generate exam questions in a sec. Deliver high-quality, diverse and engaging questions in one click, and save time compared to when done manually.
better grades
increased wellbeing
increased learning
time saved
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* Data based on longitudinal research studies by Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, 2022
Build and share your assessment library
With many different question types, Dugga provides a pedagogical platform for teachers to assess knowledge in a flexible and secure way.
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See why our customers love us
"Our partnership with Dugga enabled us to successfully conduct secure and large-scale nationwide exams. Thailand has now taken a pioneering step towards the future of learning."
TEDET team (Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Tests), member of SouthEast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO)
"With the Dugga app integration in Microsoft Teams it is possible to schedule an exam for a class directly from within Teams and to add individual students to an exam event. In short, a very successful start at KSE of this promising product."
Leon Geers Director KSE
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