Where teachers’ feedback makes a difference

Feedback and plagiarism detection directly in Word and Teams.

Deploy the exclusive free access from SoftwareOne, and let your teachers try the Edword feedback suite today.
Kill complexity. Stay inside M365
Extend Word and Teams for Education and make it the most powerful platform for teacher feedback, plagiarism detection, peer feedback and formative feedback.
Providing feedback on written work puts a heavy workload on your staff. Often, the only solution is leaving the LMS and using specialized platforms, causing platform fatigue for everyone.
Kill ICT complexity, limit the number of platforms and parallel workflows. Minimize the number of transportation clicks for teachers. This is what Edword gives your teachers and students.
Thousands of teachers worldwide have already inserted millions of feedback comments with Edword in M365 and love that they do not have to leave Word or Teams to check for plagiarism. 
[Free access]
Upgrade Word with rubrics, audio, video, pre-made comments and screen capture to help teachers save time and provide personal feedback.
[Add-on service]
Access the plagiarism report and AI indicator directly in Word and Teams next to your in-document feedback tools.
[Add-on service]
Extend Teams Assignments and activate students with the fully integrated peer feedback service from Edword.
[Add-on service]
Handle all file formats, even handwritten. Get feedback on your feedback and tap into data on student engagement and uptake.
Teacher Feedback Suite
[Free via SoftwareOne]
The Edword Feedback Suite is built for teachers who prefer working with written work in Word. A familiar environment makes onboarding easy and saves them time, while increasing feedback engagement and consistency.
Save time | Create and reuse comments from library.
Collaborate | Share materials with colleagues.
Personalize | Add voice, video or screen recording.
Evaluate | Quickly evaluate student work with rubrics.
Plagiarism Detection
[Add on service]
Many plagiarism detection services require that teachers leave the LMS to access an external report, creating complexity. Edword pulls in the results and surfaces plagiarism reporting directly in Word and Teams, eliminating unnecessary clicks.
Teams Integration | List overview and results directly in Teams.
Plagiarism Detection | Industry-leading originality check.
AI Detector | Tells if text is likely written by AI.
All in one | Integrated into the Teacher Feedback Suite in Word.
Peer Feedback
[Add on service]
Great time saver for teachers. Engaging for students. The Edword Peer Feedback app is fully integrated with Teams. No need to set up assignments in a parallel flow. Students hand in as usual. Edword handles the rest.
Teams Integration | Access peer feedback directly in Teams.
Student Feedback | Students learn from providing feedback.
Anonymous | All work is made anonymous for students.
Complete Overview | Teacher can follow progress in the App.
Formative Feedback
[Add on service]
Take feedback to the next level. Use the Edword Teams app to tap into students' engagement and feedback uptake. They receive a structured feedback flow, one comment at a time. Data is captured and gives teachers feedback on their feedback.
Activate  | Engage students with video, assessments, quizzes.
Time spent | Capture students’ time spent studying feedback.
Multiple formats | Pdf, pptx and even handwritten documents.
Feedback on Feedback | Teacher has access to Insights report.
Feedback matters | Consistency and continuity.
Read about the significance of these key aspects of feedback in education and why you should not feel bad about saving time.
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